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Dirk Ott and Steffen Wester-Ebbinghaus, DSAG 2011

Specializing in SAP solutions for over 15 years

The Milliarum success story began in 2006 with the founding vision to build an IT company primarily focused on designing, implementing, and evolving integrated SAP solutions for portfolio, project, and resource management.

Merely two years post-launch, we had already embarked on SAP project implementations across Europe. The blend of proven methodologies with innovative solutions spurred consistent growth, not only in business metrics but also in our team. This growth is only possible because of demand for our IT specialists and our products remains high, even after 15 years.



  • In the meantime, 18 more apps for SAP PS and SAP PPM have been added. The UI5 apps are all based on the Milliarum Construction Kit, which is now also available as a standalone solution and enables companies to develop their own complex applications in an uncomplicated way


  • Premiere of the first Milliarum UI5 app: approval and editing of decision points. The app can be used immediately with virtually no implementation effort and simplifies gate management for decision-makers in the company


  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 99% of activities were moved to a mobile office setup long before the legal obligation to do so, in order to protect employees


  • Milliarum continues to grow and moves into new loft offices in the industrial monument An der Eickesmühle

since 2014

Steffen Wester-Ebbinghaus, DSAG 2016

2010 – 2013

  • Realization of the Milliarum software products Cost planning and product calculation
  • Realization of the Milliarum software product capacity and resource planning
  • Implementation of a web-based company-wide resource management system with SAP-PPM and SAP-PS for a plant engineering company
  • The old offices are too small: Milliarum relocates
  • Expansion of the Milliarum software products Project processing and Progress Tracking

  • Milliarum projects are presented extensively in the press and at congresses
  • Leading provider of end-to-end SAP portfolio, project and business management solutions Resource management solutions with an independent process and application technology vision

2006 – 2009

  • Founded in 2006 with the vision of developing the Milliarum Cockpit for mapping product creation processes with SAP
  • Expansion of the development area for customer-specific developments and standard software based on the SAP development environment: further specialization in individual customer production and product creation processes
  • Europe-wide recognition through implementation projects
  • Inclusion in the Special Expertise Partner Program for SAP Product Life Cycle Management by SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG
  • Realization of the Milliarum software products Progress Tracking and Expediting
  • Expansion of expertise in the area of SAP project controlling and accounting

Harald Schmitz, DSAG 2006

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