Resource and staffing overview

The success of projects depends heavily on their planning and the avoidance of employee overload.

With our resource and staffing overview, you can plan your projects optimally and recognize bottlenecks - in terms of resources, time and knowledge - in good time and act accordingly.

Resource and staffing overview with SAP

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Optimally plan resources and staffing -
for better project results and increased satisfaction

An overview of the resources and staffing of several projects

The "Milliarum Resource and Staffing Overview (PPM)" allows project roles to be assigned in SAP PPM projects with a simple, intuitive user interface. The roles are assigned to the staffing managers via the organizational management of SAP Human Capital Management. Interactive evaluations, for example using SAP graphics and Excel templates, provide you with a quick overview of the current workload of individuals, departments and specialist areas.

As a result, you receive a resource and staffing overview of all projects as well as multi-project status maintenance - clearly laid out in the form of SAP UI5 PPM Dashboards, SAP UI5 PPM Staffing Gantt Charts and SAP UI5 PPM Simulation Gantt Charts.

The right employees at the right time

Use our resource and staffing overview to identify bottlenecks in certain roles or qualifications in good time. By planning training measures or involving external employees at an early stage, you can ensure that employees with the right qualifications are always available.

You can also plan the deployment of external employees precisely. This allows you to achieve optimum utilization of these external resources and better assess their future assignment. Your external partners will also appreciate this.

Avoid chronic overload

Human resources are an important success factor - and recruiting suitable specialists is becoming increasingly difficult. The focus is increasingly on employee satisfaction in order to keep productivity as high as possible and employee turnover as low as possible. Chronic overloading of employees should be avoided at all costs. Planning with our resource and staffing overview makes a major contribution to this.

Making the best possible use of time as a resource

Thanks to the resource and staffing overview, you always have an overview of everything - and the early warning system also allows you to identify capacity bottlenecks. This allows you to take action in good time. If planning gaps arise - for example in the overview of the capacity utilization of a specific department - you can identify planning gaps and fill them with other projects or activities.

By checking the actual capacity utilization against the target planning, you can draw valuable conclusions for future projects.

Improved customer satisfaction

The risk of increased costs due to project delays can be reduced through optimal planning. In addition, the quality of projects can be increased by not overloading employees. Lay the foundations for high customer satisfaction, better business relationships and therefore new customer orders as early as the project planning stage. The planning of resources and staffing can also pay off in terms of investor and owner satisfaction through better economic results.

Ideal for controlling and internal reporting

You receive reliable and quick statements about capacity utilization and thus a data-based argumentation aid for management. The increased planning accuracy creates an optimal basis for decision-making. You receive evaluations and graphics with planned and actual values at the touch of a button. This not only improves analysis, but also saves time when preparing data and creating presentations.

Schedule time for internal projects

There is often little or insufficient time for internal tasks in day-to-day project work. Schedule internal activities in the resource and staffing overview, for example training courses, absences or internal projects. This ensures that these important activities are not left undone.

Important functions of the
Overview of resources and staffing

  • Excel integration via templates
    Sometimes planning in the SAP standard is not flexible enough. For this reason, we have enabled the integration of Excel data. This allows you to plan faster, increase the number of employees involved in planning, reduce training costs and therefore increase employee acceptance of the software.

  • Data input via Excel with upload function
    This avoids errors in the otherwise necessary manual transfer from upstream systems to SAP. This enables you to achieve high data quality.

  • Role-based application menu
    Users often have difficulties finding their way around SAP. If they can see functions that are not intended for them, this can cause additional confusion and lead to unwanted interventions in the system. Thanks to our improved authorization control, users only see what they really need. This reduces the workload and increases user acceptance.

  • Integrated graphic evaluation
    With our graphic analysis, you can quickly create evaluations and graphics with planned and actual data. Standardized preparation makes the data easier to compare. Both lead to easier analysis and can shorten the decision-making process.

  • Customizing and customer enhancements via BADIs
    The resource and staffing planning processes are fully adapted to your individual needs. This allows you to sustainably increase efficiency, process reliability, data reliability and employee and management satisfaction.

  • Distribution curves for capacity requirements planning and distribution for SAP PPM roles
    By calculating rule-based role requirements, you reduce the time required to create simulations and quotation projects. You can process customer inquiries quickly and send quotations to your customers faster. The time saved reduces the costs of preparing quotations and your employees are available to work on actual customer projects.

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