SAP PPM Project Wizard

Our SAP module "SAP PPM Project Wizard" supports you in the structured and time-saving processing of projects in SAP.

Creating and editing projects in the form of guided processes leads to a consistent and optimally analyzable database. By calculating rule-based role requirements, the software makes it easier for you to plan projects and carry out simulations.

SAP PPM Project Wizard

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Create and edit projects in a structured and time-saving manner

Guided process for creating projects

If the creation of projects is complicated, this costs unnecessary time and leads to data chaos and frustration among employees. We have developed the "Project Processing" software so that projects can be created conveniently with a guided process. This structures and shortens the entry and data maintenance process with an SAP PPM project wizard. This saves your employees valuable time and makes them more open to the SAP solution.

Avoid data chaos

The guided creation of projects leads to a correct, stringent database. Project type, nomenclature and other parameters are assigned correctly. You can pre-capture identical data of a project type in a template so that errors can be avoided and the data entry effort reduced. Data waste and correction effort are virtually eliminated with our SAP "Project processing" module.

Stringent and complete data

Improve the quality of project data - complete evaluations of project groupings improve reporting for management. The basic project data recorded in the module contains minimum information in accordance with the project template. Project type, nomenclature, fields etc. are always recorded correctly. This means that downstream processes can be carried out without errors, as all the necessary data is available. Planning reliability is increased because the project data does not contain any gaps.

Faster and quicker to the offer

Through the Calculation of rule-based role requirements Reduce the time you spend creating simulations and quotation projects with the project processing module. This allows you to process customer inquiries quickly and send quotations to your customers faster. The time you save reduces the costs of preparing quotations and your employees are available to work on actual customer projects.

Simply better planning

Does your periodic reporting currently contain too little up-to-date planning data or is it too lengthy? Thanks to the calculation of rule-based role requirements, you can Plans revised more quickly and easily be monitored. This means that management is always well informed and can quickly decide whether adjustments are necessary or whether a project should be implemented.

The Requirements planning is improved. Incorrect planning due to incorrectly estimated hourly requirements or not taking vacation and sick days into account is a thing of the past. Standardized demand curves can increase planning quality and by deriving the values from the total availability (for example, in the case of illness), planning figures can be delivered more quickly and in greater detail.

The reduced effort for routine activities in the planning process also saves the planner or department head a lot of time - and allows them to concentrate on more important activities.

Project Wizard standard functions at a glance

  • Project creation with template and changing project header data
  • Calling up projects in change mode with display of project header data
  • Project status change (single)
  • Back up
  • Jump to subsequent functions
  • Calling up PPM project configurations

Standard functions Project editing at a glance

  • Multi-project role planning with mass processing functions
  • "Project Wizard" for creating and modifying PPM projects for "occasional users"
  • Support for project planners with mass processing functions
  • Data input via Excel with upload function
  • Mass start of casting in the project
  • Presentation of additional information in the role planning process
  • Evaluation via groups of roles
  • Evaluate actual work and distribute expected work in the future
  • Carry out deadline postponements in the project with resources
  • Predefined demand distribution curves

Project Wizard customer functions at a glance

  • Change project role requirements for tasks
  • Scheduling with derivation of role requirements in the project
  • Consideration of distribution rules for determining role requirements
  • Embedding the Project Wizard in the project dashboard

"With the Milliarum Project Wizard, we have developed a tool that creates SAP projects easily, quickly and efficiently. The wizard guides the user step by step through the most important points when creating a project and combines functions that can otherwise only be operated in individual steps at different points."

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