Lean / Critical Chain Project Management:

Our "Milliarum SAP Lean / Critical Chain Project (CCPM) Management" software optimizes operational efficiency by shortening throughput times and enhancing deadline adherence. It features tools for bottleneck identification and management, operational prioritization, departmental self-management, and streamlined project processing.

Lean CCPM with SAP

Complete SAP ERP integration and project transparency

The product "Milliarum SAP Lean / Critical Project Management" integrates the methods of bottleneck theory (Theory of Constraints) and lean project management. It also offers comprehensive additional functions in the areas of logistics (including capacity planning, simulation, simplified BOM transfer, progress tracking, etc.) and accounting, complete SAP ERP integration, project transparency and a simple SAP UI5 user interface.

With our SAP solution, you can use information from different applications in the project process. The integration of the Lean PM / CCPM methodology with the SAP ERP system provides the required data in a database in real time. Stand-alone IT solutions and interfaces are avoided or replaced.

The advantages for you: short project lead times, increased adherence to deadlines, compliance capability, sustainability and flexible expandability.

Functions and advantages of the Milliarum SAP Lean / CCPM at a glance

  • Clear signal (CCPM status) available for dispatching and sequencing for the entire company, customers and suppliers

  • Increased quality and significant time savings in deadline tracking, monitoring and processing of SAP projects through automation

  • Reduction of network activities with the help of progress tracking events

  • Interlocking the CCPM methodology with the SAP ERP system ensures compliance capability, sustainability and expandability

  • Seamless conversion of the CCPM methodology in current and new projects through migration routines

Adaptable CCPM with SAP

Focus on the processes that directly influence the lead times and delivery dates of the projects. This is how our SAP solution contributes to adherence to the project schedule.

Information from different applications is clearly summarized in an SAP UI5 dashboard. Manual collation of processes is no longer necessary. The dashboard allows new employees to be trained quickly and without extensive training.

Integrated buffer management prevents delays in the project from directly leading to extensive rescheduling and an unstable project plan.

CCPM statuses can be determined and CCPM evaluations carried out based on the degree of processing and buffer consumption - within and across projects. A clear signal eliminates the need for manual tasks, such as prioritizing or planning individual tasks. Workload and sequencing are performed automatically.

You receive a clear signal (CCPM status) for loading and sequencing for the entire company, customers and suppliers. With stable project plans, you can significantly increase quality and benefit from time savings when tracking deadlines and monitoring and processing SAP projects through automation.

Is the sequencing of projects and processes in your company currently based on partially incomplete information and therefore often leads to problems in the process, long project times or unused resources? Do changes in the process cause new scheduling that you have to plan manually?

Our CCPM project management for SAP provides you with a convenient function for sequencing your entire company, customers and suppliers. This allows you to shorten project lead times by identifying and managing bottlenecks.

The "Milliarum SAP Critical Chain Project Management" provides you with a clear signal (CCPM status) for workload and sequencing and thus enables you to sort the worklist by CCPM status per role, work center and employee.

This enables departments and employees to manage themselves through the CCPM status. Stable project plans and the reduction of firefighter deployments result in higher project quality and employee satisfaction.

Our tool provides you with an early warning system regarding project status, processing levels and deadlines. This transparency allows you to initiate the acceleration of projects with potential delivery date problems.

The integrated early warning system, including a temperature curve for each project and each sub-project, and the associated transparency enable you to improve adherence to deadlines within your projects.

If the objects to be tracked are located in different SAP applications (e.g. SAP CRM, PS, SAP EPPM, SAP SCM, SAP CS, SAP DMS, etc.), obtaining information without our SAP solution is time-consuming. We bring transparency to the projects to be tracked - with flexible lists and graphics with filters and sorting functions.

In the standard SAP software, evaluations and graphics can only be customized to a limited extent. In "Milliarum SAP Critical Project Management", however, individual adjustments, such as additional fields, are easily possible.

We simplify the planning and management of complex project structures with sub-projects and many network activities - and also make it easier to interpret the results thanks to the clear presentation. The CCPM status can be inherited by sub-projects, components, orders and documents, among other things.

Automatic data collection, deadline determination and feedback for the full set points increases the clarity of the projects, reduces the error rate and the time spent on routine activities.

With "Milliarum SAP Critical Project Management", capacity data is complete, up-to-date and differentiated. The bottleneck is not overloaded - but continuously utilized.

Simplify your project structures. With our SAP solution, you can also implement complex requirements with different views in the project structure by linking projects and activities with objects and additional SAP information.

You get a user-friendly interface with time-saving jump options to various applications - it is no longer necessary to call up the applications separately. This makes projects and dependencies more transparent.

Information in the standard SAP application is not tailored to the user groups and the organizational structure. This can lead to high training costs, operating errors and time-consuming work steps.

The "Milliarum SAP Critical Project Management" significantly reduces the complexity of the application and the user interface - and therefore makes work easier for employees.

Comprehensive setting options and customizing for buffer calculation, CCPM status calculation and inheritance make it easier for you to map project types with different requirements.

Customer-specific customization options are already prepared and save you time and implementation effort.

Avoid delays caused by unclear requirements or specifications and extensive reworking after the end of the project. Our project templates contain full kit/full set lists for each task/phase, so their processing status is directly visible in the project.

The "Milliarum SAP Critical Project Management" enables you to integrate Progress Tracking and thus reduce network activities and manual data procurement tasks with the help of progress tracking events. This ensures that information on delays in activities, documents and material procurement is taken into account in good time.

Progress tracking increases the clarity of projects, reduces the error rate thanks to automatic data retrieval and greatly reduces the time spent on routine activities.

Seamless conversion of the CCPM methodology in current and new projects is supported by migration routines. The migration routines and programs can also be used for flexible adjustments to ongoing projects.

What customers and partners say

"We can unreservedly recommend the Milliarum solution for Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) to our SAP PPM and PS customers. Milliarum is currently the only provider in the world to integrate CCPM into the SAP system, and the solution is an ideal addition to the SAP standard modules."

Claus Bruckner, Senior Solution Sales Expert SAP PLM, SAP PPM, SAP CPM, SAP QIM, SAP MRS at SAP AG

"There are currently nine providers of software-supported CCPM on the market. However, the SAP-based solution from Milliarum has two unique selling points: firstly, the clear project traffic light, which makes the criticality of a project visible at a glance. Because it is visible in every department working with SAP, all employees, from production to quality assurance, can see how the project is progressing and solve operational problems in the best possible way. Secondly, automatic progress tracking stands out from other solutions. It enables companies to very simply break down large work packages into smaller mini-tasks that can be tracked more easily."

Wolfram Müller, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Specialist and Director of Sales at Vistem GmbH

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