Progress Tracking for SAP

Do you want to track the dates of material components, documents and order items in detail and derive an early warning system for potential missed deadlines? The standard Progress Tracking functionalities in SAP do not meet your requirements in terms of user-friendliness and range of functions?

Milliarum Progress Tracking allows you to automatically track progress and monitor deadlines for various SAP objects. In addition to WBS elements, network activities and material components in projects, our Progress Tracking also supports customer and production orders as well as other objects.

Progress Tracking for SAP

Thanks to Milliarum Progress Tracking for SAP, you always have an overview of deadlines and statuses

A comprehensive overview of SAP objects

Would you like a comprehensive overview of a wide range of deadline and status information without having to determine and evaluate it manually? With Milliarum Progress Tracking, you get a versatile dashboard for SAP objects with a graphical status display and deadline information (e.g. origin, plan, forecast and actual). The deadline and status information is determined automatically - eliminating time-consuming manual activities.

Milliarum Progress Tracking allows you to automatically track progress and monitor deadlines for these SAP objects:

  • Material components in projects

  • WBS elements in projects

  • Network activities in projects

  • Order divisions

  • Documents

  • Customer orders

  • production orders

With our progress tracking, you benefit from significant time savings when tracking deadlines and monitoring and editing SAP objects. You increase data quality and reduce the complexity of projects. It is operated intuitively via a browser interface - employees remain in their familiar working environment and therefore accept the new solution better and require less training.

Project status and deadlines across all projects at a glance

The Automated progress calculation on the basis of deadline events enables you to maintain an overview of a wide range of scheduling and status information, even for complex and small-scale projects. The tracking of time and status-critical processes, such as actual dates and goods receipts, is possible with the dashboard for SAP objects with graphical status display and deadline information across projects in a holistic overview.

From the overview directly to the details

To make it even easier to monitor the progress of projects, our progress tracking allows you to access any transactions or web services for displaying or editing data directly from the dashboard. This allows you to change relevant objects quickly and without time-consuming searching. By integrating Progress Tracking into company portals, you receive an integrated solution as a central entry point. This saves valuable working time and also increases user acceptance.

Customizing in the SAP backend system

Our Progress Tracking comes with a pre-configuration of various scenarios, which you can use as is or adapt. Thanks to the option of customizing the automated data update in the SAP backend system, we enable you to easily implement the desired adjustments. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

Inform your team - and in good time

Use our progress tracking to avoid stagnating projects that arise when delays are only recognized at short notice and not all relevant departments are informed in good time. Thanks to the integrated mailing function with history update, you do not have to enter or send the relevant data multiple times. Transmission errors can thus be avoided. You receive a clear dating of correspondence and can react to critical delays directly from the application.

As a result, our SAP solution contributes to a smooth and timely project process, satisfied employees and satisfied customers.

The Milliarum Progress Tracking in connection
with the SAP Standard Progress Tracking

Have you already implemented SAP Standard Progress Tracking - but the range of functions is not sufficient for you? You can continue to use the SAP Standard solution in parallel with the Milliarum solution and thus make full use of the functional scope of both solutions. This means that any investments you have already made in SAP Standard are retained.

Progress Tracking for SAP:
The most important functions at a glance

  • Intuitive operation via a browser interface

  • Automated progress calculation based on deadline events
  • Dashboard for SAP objects with graphical status display and deadline information (origin/plan/forecast/actual)
  • Flexible jump from the dashboard to any transactions / web services for editing / displaying data
  • Web input of appointment and status data

  • Integration into company portals
  • Integration of SAP document management functions (including creating, editing, displaying and sending)
  • Customizing for automated data update in the SAP backend system
  • Mailing function with history update
  • Management of sub-items for differentiated planning of scheduling events

  • Use of all SAP Progress Tracking functions

The advantages of Milliarum Progress Tracking at a glance

  • Increased quality and significant time savings when tracking deadlines, monitoring and processing SAP objects

  • Tabular overview of all SAP objects to be tracked with graphic labels

  • Automatic appointment scheduling in SAP and/or entry of appointments directly via the SAP web interface

  • Reduced programming effort thanks to automatic data retrieval and customizing interface
  • Performance-optimized evaluation via SAP TREX with full-text search

Do you have questions about Milliarum Progress Tracking for SAP?

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