Microsoft Office Integration for SAP

Integrate Office documents seamlessly into your SAP system—eliminate multiple document versions and outdated data. Our 'Office Integration' solution offers an ABAP-based interface connecting SAP data with Open XML documents, enabling employees to use the familiar MS Office tools—Excel, Word, and PowerPoint—directly within SAP.

Microsoft Office Integration for SAP

SAP and MS Office in harmony

Excel and SAP combined -
with our Office Integration for SAP

Why replace a stable Excel solution if it could only be integrated into SAP with great effort? With our Office integration, you can continue to use your Excel solution - with an unchanged user workflow - and still have access to this data in your SAP system.

Use the familiar working environment from Microsoft Office and combine it with the functions of your SAP system.

Our solution allows you to export any data from SAP to Excel files and import data changes made in Excel into your SAP system. Our template-based approach also enables the use of macrology in Excel and supports any number of application scenarios.

The option of using Excel increases acceptance among your employees, and there is no need to familiarize yourself with SAP.

A standardized database

The automated data capture of Office Integration eliminates the time-consuming, sometimes manual, entry of data in various SAP applications. A comprehensive import and export function from Excel to the various SAP applications ensures a standardized, easy-to-maintain database.

Automated distribution of documents from SAP

With our Office integration, the days of data chaos and redundant databases are over. The interface enables the elimination of heterogeneous documents by standardizing documents based on templates - including the layout of diagrams and charts, reports, snapshots and data extracts. Data for management can thus be prepared reliably, simply and consistently.

Data from Excel, PowerPoint and Word can be edited.

Important functions at a glance

Content from Office documents can be extracted and further processed on the Netweaver ABAP Application Server. The reverse is also possible: SAP data can be transferred to an Excel document, for example, as required.

  • Editing PPTX, DOCX, XLSX from ABAP

  • Template-based creation of Office documents with data from the SAP system

  • Support for documents with macros

  • Read and write access

  • Customizing for linking with specific applications such as the Milliarum Cockpit

  • Delivery of standard classes for the "Jumpstart" with Office integration

  • Conversion of DDIC structures to Office format

  • Object-oriented handling of Office entities such as Excel workbooks and Excel worksheets

  • Collaboration with Office documents of any complexity and design

  • Bidirectional data transfer possible

  • Central template management and versioning

The advantages of Office Integration for SAP

  • You can use the familiar working environment from MS Office

  • Your functioning Excel solutions can be integrated into SAP

  • You avoid redundant data storage

  • You can standardize the documents

  • You can create documents based on freely customizable templates, for example evaluations for management

  • You receive freely customizable document templates of any complexity

Spreadsheet calculation

Do you have questions about Office Integration for SAP?

Your contact Dirk Ott will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of integrating MS Office into SAP systems.