Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit

The "Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit" is a framework that enables you to implement UI5 applications with little effort and still offers you extensive design freedom for the creative realization of your requirements. The implementation is carried out exclusively in the ABAP programming language.

SAP UI5 Construction Kit

Overview of the framework

The Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit offers you a wide range of options for creatively implementing your applications and requirements. For example, you can use it as a framework to make existing individual SAP applications available within your company using the latest SAP front-end technology.

Advantages of the Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit at a glance

  • Minimization of the implementation effort for SAP UI5 applications.

  • No in-depth knowledge of SAP UI5 front-end development required.

  • The implementation is carried out exclusively in the ABAP programming language.

  • Necessary adjustments due to new UI5 versions are made centrally in the framework.

The supported application types

The UI5 Construction Kit provides various application types on the basis of which you can build your specific applications. The UI5 Construction Kit currently contains the following application types:

  • Overview Page - Visualization of information in map form
  • List - Display and edit information in tabular form
  • Gantt - Visualization of and interaction with data in the form of Gantt charts
  • Object Page - Display and recording of detailed data

The so-called Application Manager helps you to manage your applications and provides central access to the administrative functions of the respective application, such as calling up application customizing.


This application type allows you to implement applications in which information is visualized in the form of Gantt charts. Up to two Gantt charts can be used within one application. You can implement interactions such as drag & drop and context-related jumps in your applications.

Generic Gantt Demo Application

Milliarum app of the Gantt application type:


The "List" application type allows you to visualize information in tabular form. The following table types are available to you when implementing your applications:

  • Sequential table in two variants optimized for desktop and mobile devices
  • Hierarchical table for displaying hierarchical information
  • Analytical table with special functions for data analysis e.g. grouping, totals and subtotals etc.

Numerous functions for layout design, variant management, Excel export and much more are available to you.

Generic List Demo Application

Billion apps of the application type List:

Object Page

With the help of this application type, you can implement applications in which complex information is presented to users in a structured form using various layout areas. Numerous UI controls such as charts, tables etc. are available to you for visualizing your data. Data entry is also supported. Application customizing allows you to optimally adapt the layout of the applications to different user groups.

Object Page example screenshot

Milliarum app of the Object Page application type:

Overview Page

This application type displays information in the form of cards. You define the cards available in an application via application customizing. The arrangement and visibility of the cards can be customized via layout settings and saved in layout variants. Numerous UI controls are also available here to implement the cards.

Single Project OVP

Milliarum apps of the Overview Page application type:

Overview of the license versions


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  • 5 developer licenses included
  • Each additional developer license 5000 €
  • Maintenance and support: 20% annually

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