Profitability calculation

The Milliarum profitability analysis enables the complete integration of an Excel-based profitability analysis (WiRe) into SAP project and portfolio management.

Homogeneous WiRe data and PS synchronization

Thanks to the direct integration of the Milliarum WiRe functions in the portfolio item dashboard, current data can be retrieved from SAP at any time by downloading or uploading. Using the WiRe document history on the element, the latest status is easy to identify and the history of changes can be easily tracked.

The PS project is created and synchronized automatically and according to clear specifications of the PSP elements in the Excel template. The PS project is generated on the basis of standardized templates in the ERP system.

Advantages of the Milliarum WiRe

  • Synchronization of data from different systems for WiRe.
  • Current controlling data is available to WiRe.
  • Automated project creation according to clear specifications and use of standardized project templates.
  • The WiRe is stored centrally in SAP.
  • WiRe's history is traceable at all times.
  • Convenient access to WiRe functions via the element dashboard.
  • Avoidance of redundant data storage.
  • Use of the familiar working environment from MS Excel .
SAP profitability analysis

Important functions of profitability analysis at a glance

  • Import and export of data from WiRe Excel into the portfolio element, e.g. in metrics data or status fields via the Milliarum Office integration.
  • Reading relevant master and transaction data from the SAP project, portfolio element, project system and controlling (cost types, activity types, cost centers).
  • Creation of a WBS project by specifying the WBS elements in the Excel template.
  • Creation of a WiRe-Excel history for the portfolio item to document changes.
  • The project structure of the PS project is derived from the data entered in Excel. To create the project definition and the WBS elements, template objects are created in the WBS, which are integrated into the operational projects as required by the application logic.
  • Based on the data of the last document uploaded to the portfolio item, the PS project is created or extended and the planned costs (primary and secondary) are posted.
  • The uploaded WiRe Excel document is attached to the portfolio item for documentation purposes. Each upload process creates a separate file history.

Easy to use

The use of Excel and SAP as existing solutions significantly reduces the training period and at the same time creates greater acceptance among users. Data from the company's previous profitability calculations no longer has to be transferred manually to SAP, thus eliminating transfer errors.

Integration in the portfolio item dashboard

Download profitability Excel

Upload profitability Excel and document history

PS Synchronization / PSP system

PS Synchronization / Cost planning

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