Follow-up processing for SAP

Milliarum Follow-up Processing allows for customized linking and tracking of SAP services, including transactions and web services. This feature helps you save time, prevent incorrect entries, and ensure stable processes.

Follow-up processing for SAP

Automated and reliable process handling

Automated processing of consecutive events

Are you familiar with this situation? Every day, there are many recurring tasks that are carried out manually by several employees in SAP. However, employees who have to carry out monotonous data entry could actually be involved in the project much more efficiently. If several applications or integrations are in use, the employees must also be familiar with all these applications and be trained if necessary.

All these data entries or processes that are initiated manually can be processed automatically with our follow-up processing.

This means for you:

  • Saving time and costs through optimal use of resources

  • Lower error rates thanks to target-oriented, automated process control

  • Optimized employee utilization and more time for important projects

  • Increased employee satisfaction as monotonous data entry is no longer necessary

The Milliarum Follow-up Processing enables automated processing of follow-up actions when certain events occur. During the subsequent synchronous or asynchronous processing of an event, the follow-up actions assigned in Customizing are executed.

Set up once - and the process is up and running

Thanks to the background processing of periodic processes and tasks, the individual process steps are stored in the system and are taken into account accordingly. This standardization of your individual processes enables you to achieve reliable planning and high project quality.

Always adaptable thanks to flexible customizing

Your process steps can be flexibly adapted. No time-consuming and cost-intensive developments are necessary. By controlling the events via the integrated customizing, you can easily make the desired adjustments yourself.

Improve your processes by logging errors

The Milliarum Follow-up Processing enables you to track possible error situations. By analyzing them and drawing conclusions, you can continuously improve your processes - our solution makes a lasting contribution to your success.

Stable processes

If an error occurs in the process and this leads to the process being interrupted, you can restart the process in follow-up processing once the error has been rectified. This ensures that the process is carried out in full.

The advantages of the
Follow-up processings at a glance

  • Transparent execution of successive activities even across system boundaries

  • Central monitoring of all relevant processes with detailed logging

  • Decoupling events and processing

Important functions
of the follow-up processing

  • Events and follow-up actions are controlled by customizing

  • Deactivation of individual events

  • Reference to the SAP application log

  • Central logging

  • Standardized interface-based implementation

  • Support for asynchronous follow-up action processing

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Do you have any questions about follow-up processing?

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