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Optimize your project-related business processes - with the design, implementation and operation of SAP solutions. We support you on your way to an ideal SAP structure for project, portfolio and resource management.

SAP infrastructure solutions

SAP consulting

Project, portfolio and resource management in SAP

For over 15 years, we have specialized in SAP solutions for project, portfolio, and resource management. This expertise enables us to offer you comprehensive consulting on optimizing business processes within SAP, extending well beyond mere software implementation and realization.

Beyond advising on appropriate modules and their customization, we concentrate on ensuring optimal alignment of your processes within the software, creating user-friendly input interfaces, establishing meaningful user rights, integrating seamless connections across interfaces, and more. Our experienced consultants and developers collaborate closely with you to thoroughly evaluate your current processes, ensuring you derive the greatest possible value from SAP.

  • Integrations

  • Extensions

  • New launches

You stand to benefit from our many years of experience in the SAP environment and our deep specialization in project, portfolio and resource management across all industries.

Let's collaborate to maximize the benefits of SAP for you.

The Benefits of Partnering with Milliarum:
Rapid and cost-effective implementation.

Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, we utilize our standardized, modular software modules and customize them to meet your specific needs. This strategy merges the reliability of standard solutions with the innovation of unique, in-house developed products, allowing both technical maintenance and associated costs to be planned reliably.

With our well-conceived concepts, extensive experience, and technical expertise, we implement efficient solutions. We leverage proven standard functions of SAP modules such as Project System (PS), Portfolio, Resource and Project Management (PPM), Organization Management (OM), Document Management (DVS), as well as adjacent modules and cloud solutions.

Depending on the requirements, we enhance SAP modules with process-, customer-, or industry-specific functions to better serve your unique needs.

  • SAP PPM (portfolio, resource and project management)
  • SAP PS (project system)
  • SAP Progress Tracking
  • SAP organization management

SAP workshops and training courses

Enhance Your Team’s Capabilities with Our SAP Training Courses

Our SAP training courses are designed to equip your employees with the necessary skills for their daily work using project-related SAP tools. A deeper understanding of the software not only boosts work efficiency but also enhances user acceptance and employee satisfaction.

Additionally, we offer training for your trainers, enabling you to conduct future internal training sessions independently.

Avoid overtaxing your internal resources. With many years of experience in project-related SAP tools and optimizing business processes, we provide valuable expertise. Take advantage of the knowledge transfer that comes with our SAP training courses and see the benefits for yourself.

We can support you with SAP training in these areas

  • SAP project system
  • SAP personnel and resource management (based on SAP PPM)
  • SAP-CPM (Commercial Project Management)
  • SAP-supported Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
  • SAP Progress Tracking
  • SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)
  • Milliarum Cockpit (MC)

Developing and customizing software within the SAP framework

Customized software designed to optimize your business operations

Are you encountering challenges with software that does not accurately mirror your unique processes? Is managing a diverse software landscape becoming cumbersome? Are missing interfaces leading to unnecessary steps in your workflow? We are ready to provide expert guidance on optimal software design, develop customized solutions, and modify existing software modules to suit your needs.

Our goal is to precisely reflect your processes via software improvements, empowering your team to make well-informed decisions with high-quality data and guaranteeing the efficient resource deployment.

With the aid of our extensive expertise in business management within PS, PPM PRO, PPM FLP and related fields, we provide not only accurate software development services but also expert advice on tailoring software to seamlessly integrate with your unique requirements and processes.

We utilize agile methodologies in our project management to ensure efficient and responsive software development.

With many years of experience in the SAP development landscape, a track record of executing demanding customer projects, and a passion for delivering superior solutions, you can trust our proficiency and dedication.

Software development in the SAP environment

Overview of Software Development Services and Technologies

Our services include:

  • Design, development and maintenance of standard software / software products
  • Design and development of customized applications
  • Customization of customer-specific software enhancements as part of release upgrades

We use these technologies:

  • ABAP Objects
  • Web Dynpro ABAP
  • SAP UI5 / SAP Fiori Apps
  • Floorplan Manager
  • Workflows

Software maintenance and servicing

You can consistently depend on current, operational solutions - even through release upgrades. Our products are continuously advanced, such as through the integration of new features. Consequently, you also gain from functional improvements that are implemented in response to requests from other customers.

We provide complete services for the project, portfolio, and resource management solutions that we implement.

  • Software maintenance
  • Software enhancements as part of release upgrades
  • Maintenance analogous to SAP mainstream maintenance

This method allows us to reduce the strain on your IT team and ensure swift and seamless go-lives and release updates.

Troubleshooting and support

After the deployment of our software solutions, our commitment to your support remains unwavering. Should issues emerge with SAP standards, Milliarum standard products, or bespoke extensions, we guarantee prompt assistance in line with the stipulated service level agreements.

Our Milliarum support team possesses deep expertise in SAP, our proprietary software solutions, and the underlying processes. You can count on our extensive experience for swift responses to user queries, effective resolution of issues, and ongoing development of your software.

For customer support, we utilize a ticket-based system to manage inquiries. This approach ensures that both you and our team maintain a comprehensive view of all active tickets and their statuses. We provide the necessary system infrastructure, eliminating the need for you to develop an in-house solution. This not only saves time and resources but also streamlines your IT operations.

SAP Support

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