Capacity evaluation
and capacity control for SAP systems

Are you looking to plan and evaluate capacities and resources across multiple time slices, detail levels, and SAP modules with minimal effort? Utilize our SAP solution to manage your projects using real-time capacity data. This will enhance the utilization of both internal and external resources and allow you to identify bottlenecks promptly.

Capacity evaluation and capacity control for SAP systems

Milliarum individual apps:

Based on best practices, we provide compact and intelligent applications for SAP PPM that significantly enhance process effectiveness through a user-friendly interface.

Milliarum Content Package:

With our Content Package, you receive a complete solution for a single area with additional functional benefits compared to an App Collection.

Get reliable data about your resources -
for optimal planning and economic decisions

Transparent, structured and optimally prepared data provides the basis for economic decisions. Many software systems fail at this point and do not provide sufficient evaluable data on available capacity and capacity requirements (utilization) of machines and people. This often leads to problems with project planning, schedules cannot be adhered to, projects cannot be prioritized or put in a sensible order. This is where our solution comes in.

With our capacity evaluation solution you get:

  • a solution that enables planning and evaluation at work center, role and/or resource level, you decide the level of detail.

  • A well-prepared overview of resource utilization data, allowing you to plan optimally. Schedules can be adhered to, downtimes reduced and projects prioritized.

  • early detection of bottlenecks in order to be able to react in good time.

  • data-based answers as to which internal projects you can actually carry out with your employees' capacities. This helps you to avoid overworking and the resulting drop in employee satisfaction.

  • the ability to scale and adapt resource management almost indefinitely.

  • Suggested project sequences generated by the system. You can increase the number of projects by optimally scheduling their execution.

  • a user-friendly interface for time-saving data entry into the system. This time saving gives resource managers more time for other productive tasks.

  • completely customized systems on request, tailored precisely to your requirements.

Clear and customizable

Our solution can of course be flexibly developed and adapted to your future ideas and wishes

You can also simulate new projects and their impact on capacity utilization in the system. The consideration of different scenarios provides you with a reliable basis for making decisions on the feasibility of new projects.

Our SAP solution includes the most important capacity planning and evaluation functions and is delivered with preconfigured best-practice business processes for make-to-order production, plant engineering and product development.

To summarize: Our SAP solution for capacity evaluation provides you with an optimal basis for planning, execution and reporting. Information and presentations for management can be optimally prepared.

Overview of important capacity evaluation functions

  • Capacity evaluations based on SAP Web Dynpro Abap and Business Graphics

  • Customer-specific graphical evaluations through customizing

  • Performance-optimized evaluations via "shared memory" technology

  • Web-enabled Gantt chart for networks and production orders

  • User group-specific evaluations

  • Simulation of new projects and changes in capacity requirements
  • Multi-project evaluations via Gantt chart

  • Supports SAP-PS and SAP-PPM

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