Milliarum at the DSAG Personnel Days: Optimal management of human resources in SAP

At the DSAG Personnel Days on June 4 and 5, 2024, Milliarum will be presenting its solutions for people-related resource management. They support SAP users in sustainably increasing productivity, even in the face of the acute shortage of skilled workers. Companies currently see the shortage of skilled workers as the biggest obstacle to growth. Forward-looking management of human resources is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. The DSAG Personnel Days on June 4 and 5[...] read more >

DSAG Project Management Working Group Meeting from 08.04-09.04

At the upcoming meeting of the DSAG project management working group, we have an exciting opportunity: we are allowed to design an item on the agenda. We don't want to miss this special opportunity. That's why our Managing Director Dirk Ott and our SAP PPM consultant Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus will be presenting the innovative Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit at 11:40 am. The whole thing takes place[...] read more >

Dreams of the future or reality? Optimizing project management in SAP with AI support

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips, research and development is tireless and AI is rapidly finding its way into everyday business life. As one of the first SAP consulting firms, Milliarum is planning to make AI-based applications available as early as this year. In this interview, our Managing Director Dirk Ott provides insights into the potential of artificial intelligence in the development[...] read more >

A look back: Innovation & collaboration shaped the DSAG Technology Days 2024

The DSAG Technology Days 2024 have closed their doors, the most lasting impressions have been processed and the implementation of the inspiration gained can pick up speed. After two exciting days on February 6 and 7, 2024 at the Congress Center Hamburg, we take a look back at the most important insights: The Technology Days were all about the motto "Black Box[...] read more >

Milliarum is a sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium

Since October 1, 2023, we have been a partner of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences as part of the Deutschlandstipendium. At the official scholarship award ceremony on November 9, we welcomed our first scholarship holder, Max Schwarzbach. He will join our team for a year as a working student and write his application-related master's thesis with us. The promotion of talented graduates has always been a priority at Milliarum. read more >

In conversation: Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus looks ahead to 2024 for the DSAG Partner Advisory Board

What is the new DSAG Partner Advisory Board doing a good quarter of a year after it was founded? What milestones and future topics mark the agenda for the new year? And what should be set in motion? We asked our SAP expert Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus, who represents small partner companies on the committee, about this and much more. Dear Freya, how was the start in the Partner Advisory Board and on[...] read more >

Product launch: Milliarum app "PS capacity evaluation"

Recognizing bottlenecks in SAP before they arise Resources are scarce. This makes it all the more important to use them economically within the company. Good planning lays the foundation for efficient project management. With the new Milliarum app "PS capacity evaluation", SAP users can identify bottlenecks before they occur: Graphical evaluation options make it possible to compare available capacities from the SAP workstations with the demand in [...]. read more >

Introducing: Max Schwarzbach is our first scholarship holder

At Milliarum, we have always focused on the professional development of young talent. As a partner of the Deutschlandstipendium at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, we are now taking the promotion of young talent to the next level. Max Schwarzbach is our first scholarship holder and will spend a year as a student gaining practical insights into our SAP innovation forge. Mr. Schwarzbach, we are delighted to [...] read more >

Live demo 01.12.2023: Milliarum apps for SAP portfolio and project management

Live demo PPM apps on December 1, 2023 Friday, December 1, 2023 10:00-10:45 Register here Based on best practices, we will show you small and intelligent apps for SAP PPM that significantly improve the effectiveness of user processes with the help of a user-friendly interface. All Milliarum apps are based on our UI5 Construction Kit. In the demo we will therefore also[...] read more >

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