Milliarum at the DSAG Personnel Days: Optimal management of human resources in SAP

At the DSAG Personnel Days on June 4 and 5, 2024, Milliarum will be presenting its solutions for people-related resource management. They support SAP users in sustainably increasing productivity, even in the face of the acute shortage of skilled workers. 

Companies currently see the shortage of skilled workers as the biggest obstacle to growth. Forward-looking management of human resources is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. Under the motto "New Horizons: Reth!nk HR - Working in Human Resources of the Future", the DSAG HR Days on June 4 and 5, 2024 in Osnabrück have put the central question of how HR must develop in order to master the challenges of the present and future on the agenda. The congress focuses on current topics and opportunities in HR and invites participants to discuss HR and IT strategies in the SAP context. Over two days, participants can look forward to keynotes, keynote speeches and a partner exhibition. Against this backdrop, Milliarum will be presenting its solutions for people-related resource management for the first time at this year's DSAG Personnel Days. They are aimed at optimally managing human resources in companies and thus better achieving business goals.

Personnel resource planning: a challenge with business-critical dimensions
In the face of demographic change, human resource planning presents companies with business-critical challenges: more and more baby boomers are retiring and the smaller successor generations are unable to fill the resulting gap. But this is not the only area where efficient management of human resources is crucial: complex project dynamics require flexibility and different skills, experience and availability of employees must be optimally allocated according to the requirements of the projects. Inadequate resource planning can lead to bottlenecks, inefficient staff deployment and delayed projects. Missed project targets, exploding costs due to overtime or additional external resources required, overworked and dissatisfied employees and a reduction in productivity are the result.

Solutions as a solution: Optimal control of resource management in SAP
SAP offers various solutions for personnel management to support companies in optimally managing their human resources. Users repeatedly criticize the complex data structure, the difficulties in assigning employees to projects and the need to maintain an overview of the availability and utilization of human resources. A large number of modules, settings and processes can make resource planning difficult. Efficient resource management requires smooth collaboration between different areas of the company, such as human resources, project management or accounting. Many companies require extensions to their SAP system to cover their individual resource management requirements. This is technically challenging, costly and time-consuming. It is also necessary to keep an eye on uniform data management across different projects and roles for the management of human resources.

Efficient SAP add-on: Milliarum Content Package PPM resource management
Milliarum has set itself the goal of overcoming the challenges in SAP resource management with its solutions and helping companies to achieve their goals intuitively. "Everyone is talking about the shortage of skilled workers," says Milliarum Managing Director Dirk Ott. "This makes it all the more important to use the available human resources wisely and in the right places." To this end, Milliarum has developed the Content Package PPM Resource Management has bundled its applications for people-related resource management for human resources management. They support capacity management in SAP EPPM as well as project and portfolio management and provide a wide range of capacity planning and evaluation functions. This allows employees to be assigned to projects, taking into account capacities, scheduling and role planning. The content package includes the PPM project processing app collection, which can be used to manage project creation, task processing, status changes or deadline postponements. It also includes the PPM resource planning app collection with the option of creating Gantt charts and a staffing and resource overview. The content package also includes our PPM capacity planning with an app for PPM capacity evaluation, a PPM resource dashboard and the option of a PPM capacity simulation.

Planning human resources: An unpopular task with potential for greater productivity
The continuous and careful planning of requirements and capacities is a rather unpleasant task for companies. "It's not a core process that doesn't contribute to profits in the first instance and can also reveal unpleasant information for the individual," says Dirk Ott, who has worked on numerous customer projects. It involves sensitive personal information. However, it is also a process that needs to be driven by management, as it provides the necessary transparency to make optimizations based on reliable resource management. "Even in small companies, the question must be answered as to where there are gaps in the workload for taking on a new project and who has the best qualifications for it," says Dirk Ott. Efficient personnel-related resource management is central to this.

Intuitive usability: so that companies can exploit the full potential of their resources
The acceptance of such a solution stands and falls with its usability, which should map as many functions as possible clearly and intuitively. "We can integrate our solutions seamlessly into SAP: There is a direct interface to organizational management in SAP in our tools. The organizational structure of almost all companies is mapped there with all the people. This allows us to determine capacity utilization evaluations across the entire company structure," explains Dirk Ott. The tool also has additional time-saving functions, such as mass processing across different projects and roles as well as Excel download and upload. Milliarum provides comprehensive support during the implementation process and, for example, raises the full potential of efficient personnel resource management in the company through employee training.

"Reth!nk HR": Securing competitive advantages in the skills shortage with customized tools
People-related resource management is an ongoing task that does not stop at the beginning of a project. "The time-consuming process is significantly simplified with our solution. The bottom line for companies is a significant increase in productivity," says Dirk Ott, summarizing the benefits of the tool. This gives SAP users a decisive competitive advantage in the shortage of skilled workers. In this way, we also contribute an answer to the central question of the DSAG Personnel Days regarding the necessary developments for a future-proof HR system: through efficient personnel resource management.

Meet us at the DSAG Personnel Days on June 5 and 6, 2024 in Osnabrück! Arrange a personal appointment now, by e-mail to or by telephone on +49 (0) 2166 3101106.

Here you can find the agenda for the event:

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