In conversation: Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus looks ahead to 2024 for the DSAG Partner Advisory Board

What is the new DSAG Partner Advisory Board doing a good quarter of a year after it was founded? What milestones and future topics mark the agenda for the new year? And what should be set in motion? We asked our SAP expert Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus, who represents small partner companies on the committee, about this and much more.


Dear Freya, how was your start on the Partner Advisory Board and what milestones can you look back on?

Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus: The kick-off in the Partner Advisory Board was productive and focused. We focused on five key topics and established specific working groups, so-called workstreams, for each topic. These include strategic aspects, testing, demo & development, partner certifications, the SAP Store and the integration of partners in DSAG. The Partner Executive Session at the end of November provided an excellent platform for getting started with our work. This meeting took place in Walldorf and provided an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas. In addition to the members of the Partner Advisory Board, other DSAG partners as well as DSAG and SAP representatives were present. In this session, we also gained exciting insights into cloud innovations directly from SAP itself.


What are the issues currently affecting the industry?

Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus: Two main topics are currently dominating the industry: the implementation and optimization of S/4HANA and the ongoing integration of cloud solutions. These topics represent the current focal points and challenges in the SAP community.

The areas of testing, demo & development, the SAP store and strategic issues are certainly important for Milliarum users. We always actively put these aspects on the agenda of the Partner Advisory Board to ensure that they are appropriately addressed and driven forward.


What topics and goals have been set with a view to 2024 and what do you personally want to work towards?

Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus: For 2024, the focus is on further consolidating and focusing the thematic landscape. The aim is to define clear goals and milestones in order to make sustainable progress and achieve measurable success. My personal commitment is particularly focused on optimizing processes in the Test, Demo & Development area. My aim is to develop practice-oriented solutions as part of the Partner Advisory Board that offer users concrete support in their day-to-day work.


Where do you see the Partner Advisory Board's particular potential for the new year?

Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus: For the coming year, I see considerable potential in the deepening of cooperation between SAP and its partners. The Partner Advisory Board offers an excellent platform for clearly articulating the needs and requirements of partners and effectively integrating them into the development of new SAP solutions. This approach makes it possible to jointly drive innovation and maximize the benefits for all parties involved.


Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for the work of the Partner Advisory Board in the new year!

Published On: 9. January 2024Categories: Allgemein

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