In conversation: Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus on her election to the DSAG Partner Advisory Board

The new DSAG Partner Advisory Board was founded at this year's DSAG Annual Congress in Bremen. It represents the interests of all SAP partners, identifies current industry topics and brings them into the dialog with SAP. Our SAP expert Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus has been elected to the Partner Advisory Board as a representative of small partner companies. In this interview, she talks about what motivates her, what she wants to achieve and which topics will mark future trends.


Ms. Wester-Ebbinghaus, congratulations on your election! What motivated you to stand for election to the Partner Advisory Board?

My motivation for standing for election to the Partner Advisory Board is multifaceted. On the one hand, I am a passionate SAP consultant and have gained valuable experience in SAP PS and PPM over the last few years at Milliarum, a small consultancy firm. I have also been able to gain deep insights into the SAP ecosystem by working closely with partners and customers. These insights have inspired me to actively shape and further develop this ecosystem. Secondly, I believe in the importance of collaboration and communication in the SAP community. As a member of the Partner Advisory Board, I have the opportunity to promote these values and make the voices of customers and partners heard.

What do you want to move? What can you achieve?

I would like to help bring the interests of small consulting firms into focus. It is particularly important to collect the pain points of our partners. I am also thinking about the possibility of organizing partner events where we can actively gather our partners' concerns and develop solutions together. I see my role as building a bridge between SAP and the partners to find solutions to common challenges. I firmly believe that partnerships and collaborations are key to driving the SAP ecosystem forward and creating value.

What are the topics that are particularly close to your heart, trend topics that you would like to promote, where you expect a lot to happen in the next few years?

I already have a few topics in mind, but my main concern is to collect and bundle the ideas of our partners. But just to name a few topics: Strategic alignment is an important key aspect that will shape our future collaboration with SAP. It is of the utmost importance to incorporate the interests and ideas of our partners into these strategic decisions and to work together to find the best ways to navigate the changing SAP landscape. The topic of SAP Store is also of great importance to me. The integration of solutions and the availability of applications in the SAP Store play an important role for the future. Licensing is also very important. The changes in SAP's licensing policy will influence the way partners and customers use SAP products. It is crucial that we achieve the best possible conditions here in order to do justice to our customers and partners. These issues will undoubtedly become more important in the coming years and I am determined to work hard for our partners and customers in these areas.

What will be your tasks on the Partner Advisory Board?

As a member of the Partner Advisory Board, I am responsible for representing the interests of the partner companies and acting as a link between SAP and the partners. My tasks include actively participating in the Advisory Board meetings, contributing ideas and suggestions, promoting collaboration and ensuring that the partners' voices are heard and valued.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Published On: 22. September 2023Categories: Allgemein

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