Live demo 01.12.2023: Milliarum apps for SAP portfolio and project management

Live demo PPM apps on 01.12.2023

Friday, December 01, 2023 10:00-10:45

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Based on best practices, we show you small and intelligent apps for SAP PPM that significantly improve the effectiveness of user processes with the help of a user-friendly interface.

The basis of all Milliarum apps is our UI5 Construction Kit. In the demo, we will therefore also take a look at customizing, which determines the jumps, structure of the object page and design of the graphic cards.


I PPM task dashboard

Perfect app for the next backlog or sprint, as it enables both multi-project and single-project selection. The selection scope can be customized using additional filters such as status or priority. The grouping function also summarizes the displayed tasks into project phases or milestones, for example.


II Approval and processing of decision points

The app for decision-makers in the company. First get an overview in the dashboard for decision points and then jump to the object page, from where the decision point can be approved. The object page summarizes all important information from the element.


III Portfolio items dashboard  and IV PPM Portfolio Elements Multi Overview Page

This part of the demo is about apps for portfolio items. First, we will show you our element dashboard, which, in addition to the familiar standard functions in the analytical version, includes grouping options by element type, for example. Our overview pages work with different card types and offer graphical evaluations, simple info areas and quick links within an application, which enable parameterized jumps to other applications. With one click, the overview pages visualize the deviation of the forecast total budget from the actual costs in a bubble card, for example. On the same overview page, you can then use a quick link to jump to a selected element and edit it.

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