Live demo 01.12.2023 : Milliarum apps for the SAP project system

Live demo of PS apps on 01.12.2023

Friday, December 01, 2023 09:00-09:45

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The Milliarum PS cost evaluation transforms 42 SAP standard reports into the Fiori interface and offers a user-friendly, tabular display of one or more PS objects. In this demo, we also show how customizing in the Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit allows you to use your own reports and add additional attributes from the PS project or the WBS element to the evaluation. With little effort, PS cost evaluations can be adapted to company-specific requirements in the sophisticated customizing interface.

Our overview pages work with different map types and offer graphical evaluations, simple info areas and quick links within an application that enable parameterized jumps to other applications. With one click, the overview pages visualize, for example, a plan/actual/commitment comparison and a breakdown by value categories in your project. On the same overview page, you can then use a quick link to jump to and edit the cost planning for the displayed project. We will also take a look at the Milliarum UI5 Construction Kit for the overview pages, which can be used to define individual evaluations and graphic cards. Agenda of the demo:


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Published On: 31. October 2023Categories: Allgemein

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