++projectSystem seals successful partnership with DSC

SAP-integrated product development: marrying SAP ECTR and SAP PS


The fact that the partnership between Milliarum and the DSC Software AG is more than just an extended workbench, is sealed by the joint launch of ++projectSystem after years of successful collaboration in various projects. The alliance combines Milliarum's expertise in SAP PS with the SAP ECTR know-how of DSC Software AG in the solution: the tool for efficient project management brings together all data, documents and participants in product development on one platform. Redundant data storage is eliminated, approval paths are shortened and project progress is transparent and traceable at all times.

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Detailed project planning from design to production and quality inspection

++projectSystem emerged from a joint customer project: the solution was to map a detailed project plan based on SAP PS in SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) with all tasks from design to production to quality inspection. With ++projectSystem, tasks can be assigned to departments and processors and linked to additional data and documents. The deadline status can always be tracked using a color traffic light. Up-to-date project plans and overviews not only support project management: "The solution combines the SAP world with that of a design engineer," explains Richard Becker, Customer Consultant and Partner at DSC Software AG. The solution brings both worlds together in an SAP ECTR work process via the worklist. Documents from design solutions such as CATIA and AutoCAD or other software such as Microsoft Word or Excel can be linked there and all steps can be documented in the plan. "With ++projectSystem, users can participate in the project process from their familiar environment and everything is brought together and linked in SAP," adds Harald Schmitz, Managing Director of Milliarum. Markus Voigt, Senior Consultant at DSC Software AG, adds: "In ++projectSystem, we have created an interface on which SAP PS and SAP ECTR can exchange information. The out-of-the-box solution can be implemented quickly due to its high level of maturity and can be used without user training thanks to its intuitive interface.

Speaking the same language in customer service and solution orientation

DSC Software AG supports industrial companies in the concrete implementation of digitalization strategies for the product lifecycle in SAP. As an expert and SAP Platinum Partner with decades of PLM experience, DSC not only advises users, but also supports them with tried-and-tested solutions for company-specific applications. The focus here is on the integration of product data in SAP ECTR. DSC brings expertise in front-end development in SAP ECTR to the partnership. "The fact that the collaboration with Milliarum is more than just an extended workbench is also demonstrated by the joint solution-oriented customer service with short response times," says Markus Voigt. Together with Milliarum's expertise in SAP PS with a great deal of project experience and comprehensive knowledge of the data structures in SAP, it was possible to bring SAP PS and SAP ECTR together in ++projectSystem. "Our joint customer projects have shown that we speak the same language. With the same understanding of customer orientation and with SAP as the basis, we have worked hand in hand for the ++projectSystem and are constantly developing the tool to fit new SAP releases," says Harald Schmitz.


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