PPM staffing overview

With the Milliarum apps, you can add valuable additional functions to your SAP system quickly and easily. Use our Milliarum app "PPM staffing overview" to bring significant improvements to the staffing workflow of your projects. Make the work of resource managers easier and increase employee satisfaction through a more balanced distribution of effort.

Simplify your resource management and increase employee satisfaction

The Milliarum "PPM staffing overview" app includes the following functions:

  • Flexible selection of capacity requirements, e.g. via status or projects via the user/resource manager
  • Quick entry of requirements via Excel and/or distribution function
  • Download and upload via Excel templates
  • Display of availability data when scheduling employees
  • Mass processing function (e.g. setting the processing status, deleting assignments, changing periods of occupation assignment)

Resource management projects benefit from significantly faster processing with our app compared to the SAP standard. Excel templates and distribution functions can also be used to plan role requirements more quickly.


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Published On: 2. March 2023Categories: Allgemein

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