A look back: Innovation & collaboration shaped the DSAG Technology Days 2024

The DSAG Technology Days 2024 have closed their doors, the most lasting impressions have been processed and the implementation of the inspiration gained can pick up speed. After two exciting days on February 6 and 7, 2024 at the Congress Center Hamburg, we take a look back at the most important insights: The Technology Days were all about the motto "Black Box - From Vision to Reality". They not only provided answers to pressing questions about current technological developments, but also offered insights into the future of the SAP community.


AI-driven business processes in SAP

A key point of discussion was the rapid development and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the SAP landscape. The hype surrounding generative AI systems has already prompted partner companies to look for suitable use cases and integration options in existing solutions. DSAG considers the integration of AI into existing products to be sensible, but also emphasizes the discrepancy between vision and reality. Particularly impressive in this context was the announcement of the "Generative AI Hub" at the SAP TechEdwhich signals an opening for external LLM models such as OpenAI. Large Language Models (LLM) are designed to understand and generate human language. This focus on "business AI", as embodied by SAP Joule, a voice-controlled AI assistant based on generative AI, shows a clear move towards AI-controlled business processes.


Sustainability and cross-service strategies

Another focus was on the importance of data warehouse architectures and a cross-service strategy for the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). The user companies still lack a cross-service strategy in order to integrate the BTP even more clearly as a platform in company-wide, multi-level architectures and with the associated business services. SAP is also increasingly being called upon to promote sustainable solutions.


Partner-oriented SAP future with joint innovations

The many innovative ideas and discussions that have shaped the agenda of the Technology Days show just how lively the SAP community is. We can look back on numerous exciting impulses and plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas. The presentations on the Vector Engine and the future of ERP were a lasting inspiration for our Milliarum delegation. The partner session also left an impression: there was an intensive discussion about the opportunities for partners to position themselves. The open and heated debate highlighted the relevance of the topic. It became clear that SAP is focusing on a partner-oriented future in which everyone drives innovation together. A particular highlight was the "Women@DSAG Speed Networking": a welcome opportunity for the still few female SAP employees to network. Some questions remained unanswered beyond the two days: among other things, DSAG is calling for transparent billing models for AI, a clear target solution for identity management and standardized document management across the entire SAP portfolio.


Outlook: DSAG Personnel Days

We are looking forward to the initiatives that will emerge from the discussions at the DSAG Technology Days and are looking forward to the next meeting, for example at the DSAG Personnel Days on June 4 and 5, 2024 in the OsnabrückHalle. Under the motto "New Horizons: Reth!nk HR - Working in HR of the future", the congress will focus on current topics, opportunities and trends in HR. Two keynotes, 40 presentations and an exhibition with 30 partners will explore the question of how IT and HR managers can open up new horizons in human resources.


Freya Wester-Ebbinghaus, SAP specialist at Milliarum

Published On: 2. April 2024Categories: Allgemein

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