Introducing: PPM approval and processing of decision points

Dive into a new era of business decisions with the latest app from Milliarum!

With the innovative PPM approval and processing of decision points, Milliarum offers a time-saving and user-friendly solution.


Brief overview of the functions

  • Dashboards for decision points with different selections
  • Customizing for detail screen (object page) for decision point
  • Status change Decision point
  • Data change Decision point


Highlights and possibilities

A highlight of the app is the customizable object page for decision points. This has a user-friendly design and offers quick and easy access to all relevant information and actions for a decision point. This allows employees to work even more efficiently and use their time more wisely.

But that's not all: the app also makes it easy to change the status and data of decision points. Approvals and status changes can be carried out without complications, which saves even more time.


Who benefits?

Companies with SAP systems and Fiori Launchpad benefit from this innovative solution, which enables seamless integration into existing systems. The PPM approval and processing of decision points from Milliarum is a real asset for companies that want to optimize their work processes and make them more effective.


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Published On: 7. March 2023Categories: Allgemein

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